• Street witnessing in Vienna
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  • Public witnessing in Vienna
  • Street witnessing in Vienna city center
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Servus and Welcome!

We would really love to have you with us for the 2017 special convention in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

Preparations are underway to make this a spiritual feast, a highlight you will never forget. You will be thrilled and fascinated to have a taste of Jehovah’s spiritual paradise in multicultural Austria. We eagerly look forward to showing hospitality in a way that is typical for central Europe: cordial, good-willed, and with warm sincerity of heart.

We hope the facts and photos presented here will whet your appetite and help you get better acquainted with Austria.

See you in Vienna. Auf Wiedersehen in Wien.



June 2017

Invited countries


Czech Republic


Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of




United States

This is the official website for the 2017 Special Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses.